Players & Pints

Players & Pints is a liveplay Dungeons & Dragons comedy show where actors and improvisers weave tales of high adventure and high fun in front of a live audience. While P&P features a reoccurring cast and loose continuity, each episode is a self-contained adventure, making it easy to drop into the story at any point! 
Part improv comedy, part role-playing game, P&P is fun and accessible for heroes of any experience level!

Players & Pints is performed at Unplugged Board Game Cafe on the first of every month and is released later in podcast form.

Aaron Ellis as ZORR THE MONK
Tilly Jackson as EMMELINE THE BARD
Jean-Michel Cliche as THE DUNGEON MASTER


In this special prequel episode, the gang undertakes their first-ever quest, complete with perilous foes, budding friendships, and distressed livestock.

In this climactic finale, the Wild Ram’s are forced to take a dangerous trip down memory lane as a rogues' gallery of baddies threatens to disrupt the balance between good and evil…

After the mysterious disappearance of another team, the gang is invited to the realm’s most popular gladiatorial event - THE FUNDERDOME.

Avast! Stranded at sea, our heroes are found by a grim skeleton crew! Can they recover some nearby treasure and help break the curse set upon these dead sea dogs?

In this holiday special, the gang returns to Griffith’s hometown to celebrate an ancient tradition and find themselves at the centre of a Dragonborn miracle!

After stumbling upon an ancient temple, the gang must face a series of trials to prove they have the charisma, talent, and inspiration points needed to save the world… And Yala makes a new friend.

In this Halloween special, the party spends the night in a haunted house to uncover the history of the mysterious Amberson family.

As the party goes undercover to investigate a prestigious university, they must learn to navigate the choppy waters of academia, social hierarchies, and sports ball games.

In hopes of saving a town’s annual pie eating competition, the gang sets out to retrieve a captured mayor and give the kidnappers their just desserts!