Fredericton, NB


Jean-Michel Cliche

Founder, core member

Jean-Michel Cliche is a theatre artist and educator based out of Fredericton, NB. He has been performing and coaching improv for over a decade now. He has worked as a theatre educator with Theatre New Brunswick, Solo Chicken Productions and the University of New Brunswick. He has performed in New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. When he can get away, he travels to Toronto to study stage combat at Rapier Wit, which he thinks is pretty cool. Others are 50/50 on it.



Alex rioux

core member

Alex Rioux is a theatre artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Rioux is a recent graduate of St. Thomas University, concentrating in Drama. During his time at St. Thomas he participated in several shows with Theatre St. Thomas, and was the acting president for its 2016-17 season. Other training includes his years spent in Theatre New Brunswick's Intermediate and Senior Musical Theatre programs. Currently Alex is training with Solo Chicken Productions' new Coop CORPS to develop his physical theatre skills.


Kirsten Stackhouse

core member

Kirsten Stackhouse is an improviser and artist/designer from Salisbury, N.B. She has been heavily involved with the Fredericton theatre community both onstage and off since landing there in 2013. She has done short and long form improv for over ten years, and has taught workshops and performed in shows and festivals from Toronto to England. She is a trainer and National level judge with the Canadian Improv Games, and is currently completing her Bachelor of Applied Arts and Diploma in Graphic Design in Fredericton.

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alexa higgins (The Bella agency)

Founder, core member

Alexa Higgins, currently based in Toronto, is a film and theatre actor, and founding member of the Hot Garbage Players. She has performed across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and England, and she very recently completed her Masters in Theatre at the University of Toronto. When not performing, Alexa gently pushes her physical theatre agenda and negotiates yoga positions with toddlers as a Guest Artist with Travelling Stage.



Jake martin

Founder, core member

Jake Martin is from the tiny village of Clifton Royal, New Brunswick. He is the former Artistic Director of the Next Folding Theatre Company and NB Representative for Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre as well as co-founder of Hot Garbage. He is a writer, director and actor who has performed from coast to coast. He also plays in a band called sexghost and is one of the folks behind Station Zed, a podcast network.

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Ian goff


Ian Goff is an actor, improviser and musician based in Toronto. Originally from New Hampshire, U.S.A. he came to Toronto with a long layover in Fredericton, N.B. When not performing with the Hot Garbage Players he is touring the shows Tree Boy and Jillian Jiggs across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with To Be Determined Theatre.


brett loughery

Founder, core member

Brett is a comedian who does improv, stand-up, sketch, and podcasting. He was raised in Woodstock, New Brunswick. He hosts multiple podcasts, performs stand-up at open mics and competitions all over the city, and is constantly working at improving his craft. Brett's comedic influences include Andy Daly, The McElroy Brothers, The Mighty Boosh, Paul F Tompkins, Harris Whittles, and many more.

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emily bosse


Emily Bossé is a writer and performer. She currently works in children's publishing. Emily is also very active in theatre as a playwright, director and actor. Her current projects include a short story manuscript, Here Comes Happiness, a new play called HIGH LONESOME and a novel based on the real-life events explored in her debut play Cocaine Plane! She is represented by the McDermid Agency.