Improv for Business

Improv is being taught all over the world to promote teamwork, lateral thinking, and leadership. Work with your team to decrease workplace stress and improve productivity, or gain valuable performance skills to improve your pitches. Regardless of what you do, improv is a fun way to bring your communication skills to th next level.

Team Building

Hot Garbage Comedy brings the fun to your office in customizable team building packages! See how improv games can unlock creativity and cohesion in a workplace and gain helpful skills managing workplace stress.

Email us here with a description of your team to get a quote for your custom team building event.

Speech Coaching

Improvisation is all about communication. How do you get your ideas across while simultaneously listening to what others are communicating to you — both verbally or non-verbally? Hot Garbage Comedy is working with the business sector to improve pitches and public speaking through the application of performance techniques, such as vocal work, storytelling, and physicality.

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